Project Management & Evaluation

Designing and managing projects to ensure efficient, focused implementation, and practical, usable evaluation.

Working closely with you and your team, I ensure efficient, high-impact projects are successful through:

  • Clarifying and Communicating Goals, Tasks, Roles and Timelines

  • Guiding Timely Execution

  • Troubleshooting and Resolving Delays

  • Guiding Project Communication

  • Designing and Analyzing Meaningful Evaluation

Leadership & Personal

Personalized leadership coaching designed to offer support and accountability as you clarify and commit to goals, and lead from your strengths.

Guiding leaders to professional and personal growth through:​

  • Goal Clarification

  • Problem Solving Tools

  • Self-Evaluation

  • Improved Interpersonal Skills

  • Supportive Accountability

Education & Training

Developing the best in individuals and teams through workshops and classes to inspire growth and impact change.

Designing and delivering customized, high-engagement workshops, both in-person and on-line, on a variety of relevant topics including (but not limited to):​

  • Leadership Development

  • Facilitation Skills

  • Communication

  • Giving and Receiving Feedback

  • Managing Conflict

  • Generational Dynamics

  • Board Governance

Facilitation & Engagement

Bringing people and their ideas together through facilitation, strategic planning and public participation.

Providing businesses, nonprofit organizations, government agencies and community groups  with thoroughly planned, highly engaging and timely sessions to develop:

  • Strategic Plans

  • Change Management Plans

  • Partnership and Working Agreements

  • Public and Community Engagement

  • Stakeholder and Customer Focus Groups

Rates for Services

These rates are used as a guide, with all services and rates customized for each client.
After an initial consultation, I will create a detailed estimate with you, your budget,
and your needs in mind.

Client Comments

Tara's style was tailored specifically for us as learners. She used the background and experience of participants to enhance the class. I feel we set out all we accomplished to do, and could not have done it without her help.

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